Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I leave this Sunday! I can't believe it's finally here :) I've been busy with the new house and met with a fabulous Interior Designer who will be helping me while I'm out of the country. I've never had to Skype and use dropbox for design purposes, should be interesting.

As for packing, I'm trying to limit myself to 2 large suitcases checked in and 1 small carry-on. I hope it's enough room but I'm really trying to edit myself. Also, I hope to have enough room for the trip back and all my wonderful finds ;)

The hubs seems kind of sad that I'm leaving. I hate for him to be sad but glad he will miss me instead of having a party that I'm gone. LOL I've been trying to spend as much time with him doing things he wants to do so it will make him happy. As for the dogs, I know they will be fine and I'm sure I will miss them more than they miss me. Not to say they won't miss me but dogs really have no sense of time. I swear, I can be gone 2 minutes or 2 days and my dog is still excited to see me!

Today, I went shopping and some lady in the parking lot wasn't paying attention to where she was driving and came within inches of hitting me with her car while I was walking. She didn't say anything but just looked at me when I knocked on her car. The lady behind her asked me if I was okay because from her vantage point she thought the lady hit me. Drama in the Nordstrom parking lot ;)

I look forward to having more fun things and pics to share you with you once I'm in Italy. I hope you enjoy joining me on this adventure.

Much love, xoxo-pm

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