Thursday, February 23, 2012

Too much going on! eeeek!!!

So, I went to the Italian consultate 2x!! The first time he said I needed an additional 4 documents (which were NOT listed on the website) so I obtained everything he wanted and returned this past Tuesday. Guess what? He says I need 2 more documents that he didn't even mention the previous week. I was pretty upset by this point because I pride myself on being someone that is organized, doesn't waste time and generally has my act together. I listened to what he had to say with much disbelief then I told him I would not provide any additional documents because I brought EXACTLY what he requested a second time and if he wasn't going to approve my visa then to just return my passport. I can be in the country at least 90 days without a visa so I decided I would just adjust my plans. Amazingly, his attitude changed and he signed off on my paperwork. I still won't know for another 4 weeks if I get the visa but at least I will have my passport returned to me either way. What a hassle.

In addition to dealing with my trip, we are looking for a new house to purchase BEFORE I leave. Yes dear friend, I may be bald from pulling out my hair when I leave. We have appointments to view homes on Friday and Saturday all in different neighborhoods of San Francisco. Of course I have my 2 favorites and I'm rooting for them. Luckily, my husband isn't a procrastinator so if one looks good we will make an offer. Of course it will not be furnished or decorated until I return from Italy but honestly there is only so much that one woman can do!

Hope you are having a great week!

Much love, xoxo-pm

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